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We are a leading firm in designing, developing and manufacturing culture media and analysis kits for microbiological test laboratories working with water, foodstuffs, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and the environment (surfaces and air).
We are a partner for customers seeking excellence in non-clinical microbiological work.
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Because we have 22 years of experience.

Because our day-to-day work in 25 countries gives us a knowledge of the needs of the market which enables us to stay one step ahead of our competitors.

Because we cooperate very closely with cosmetic laboratories: our PRE and AFTER sales advice is an added value service which few manufacturers offer and which is highly appreciated by our customers.

Because we adapt to the latest needs on the market. We have a product range with over 2000 items which are benchmarks in the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, water treatment and environmental safety industries.

Because our food, industrial and environmental microbiology lines complement other manufacturers’ clinical microbiology lines.

Because our solutions comply with the strictest quality and safety standards. We manufacture in accordance with ISO 9001 and in line with GMP and ISO 11133 guidelines.

Because we are able to produce small batches of specific products, personalize  and even design new products to meet our customers’ requirements.

Because unlike other manufacturers who limit themselves to supplying a product, we aim to be your partner, to work for you.

Because we are pioneers in products and solutions to help users to carry out analyses in less time, with less effort and greater reliability.

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